In Stock MTR 50 Series™ – 30 Watts

The MTR 50 Series is available with standard, /ES or 883 (Class H) screening in flanged or unflanged cases. Available models are listed below. For more information fill out a Sales Inquiry Form or call +1 425-882-3100. Standard screening ships in two weeks, /ES in three weeks and /883 (Class H) in four weeks. Click here to access the MTR 50 datasheet.

MTR 50 MTR2805S
MTR 50 MTR2805D
MTR 50 MTR288R5S
MTR 50 MTR2812D
MTR 50 MTR2812S
MTR 50 MTR2815D
MTR 50 MTR2815S
MTR 50 MTR283R3S